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Team Member - Mr Joe Gaeta

Mr Joe Gaeta

GDC: 121159

Mr Joe Gaeta

Meet Mr Joe Gaeta! Joe was one of the first dental technicians in the UK to attain the Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology, graduating from the Royal College of Surgeons London on 15th October 2011. We are proud to have Joe as a member of our professional team here at Wilson House, producing custom-made dentures of the highest quality. A clinical dental technician or CDT is a dental care professional registered with the General Dental Council. If a patient is receiving a set of dentures, their dentist usually takes an impression of their teeth and gums and sends it to a dental technician, who manufactures the appliance. This technician will only work on the dentist’s instructions, never seeing the patient’s facial features. As a qualified CDT, Joe performs both roles, taking the initial impression, producing the dentures, and fitting them. Not only will a patient receive direct care from a denture expert, but they will also benefit from fast results, including denture repairs for existing wearers. All dental professionals should work according to their scope of practice. A patient who may require a partial denture first needs to be seen by a dentist. Together with the dentist, our CDT will consider:

  • The patient’s previous dental history
  • If gum disease is present and what bearing it may have on the patient’s suitability for a partial denture
  • Dental treatment the patient may need before a denture fitting
  • Potential complications that might require more treatment in the future
  • Findings from dental x-rays
  • Which of the remaining natural teeth can be used to secure the partial denture
  • Type of partial denture design that would be the most suitable

The CDT will then work to a prescription or treatment plan.

Services offered :

Meet Joe Gaeta. At Wilson House, we are proud to have a registered clinical denture technician available in the practice. There are very few registered CDTs in the UK. Joe is not a dentist, but actually a fully fledged Denture Technician. The man who would actually make the denture after the dentist takes impressions. Joe has the added qualification of being able to see patients directly via a dentist’s prescription as well which is very rare. Joe accepts referrals for consultations for the provision of any type of denture and will take impressions, bite registrations and check the fit of the denture himself.

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All adult patients can opt to join Denplan Essentials from their very first visit. Those wanting more inclusive cover can choose Denplan Care instead. Following an assessment, your dentist will advise which group you will be able to join.

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