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Lizzie’s Invisalign Journey


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Lizzie’s Invisalign Journey!


Well, how to introduce myself? I guess as I would if we were meeting in real life, right? I’m Lizzie; it’s nice to meet you.

I’m writing this blog because I’m due to start Invisalign in the new year, and I want to document everything in real-time.

So, here’s me on December 29th, taking pictures of my mouth.

My teeth in many ways are actually pretty good. I’m 25, I’ve never had a filling, or any dental problems really apart from a couple of chipped teeth, and a retainer for an overbite. In fact, when I was younger and I asked my NHS dentist for “train track braces”, I was told my teeth were too straight to qualify. Weird brag, right?

The problem is, regardless of my weird brag, my teeth have always bugged me! They have gaps and I’ve always thought they appear quite “goofy”, where the front teeth are more forward than the others. It’s something which I’ve been aware of since I was a kid asking my dentist for braces.

The decisive moment where I chose to do something about it happened much more recently though. I was caught laughing in a photo. It was a really nice moment which was captured on camera, but the first thing I noticed was my gappy teeth. Instead of loving that a nice moment has been caught on camera, all I could see is the GAPS. The dreaded gaps!!!

I decided on Invisalign because I want to love my smile at all angles. I want a picture of me laughing to ONLY be a time capsule to a happy moment, rather than making me feel self-conscious about my mouth first, then showing a happy moment second. I want to have a smile that I never have to think about, and more than that, a smile I can’t wait to show off!

If any of this remotely sounds familiar, I invite you on this journey with me. I’ll be posting step by steps of the process (intrusive pictures of my face included), to give insight to anyone who might be interested in knowing more. I’ll be as open and honest as I can, and hopefully at the end of it all, I’ll be showing off a shiny, new smile!

I can’t wait already!

See you in the next one,

Liz x

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