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When teeth become damaged by decay, your dentist will recommend a filling.

A filling is a common dental treatment that can repair cracks, crevices and holes in a tooth. The process involves removing the decay, cleaning and shaping the area and filling in the space with your choice of material, and performing a bite check to ensure your teeth align comfortably.

What types of fillings are available?

  • Amalgam — Amalgam alloy is a mix of mercury, silver, copper and It’s not available for children under the age of 15 or pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • White — Typically made from a combination of resin, glass or ceramics, white fillings are designed to match the colour of natural teeth, so they are less noticeable than amalgam fillings. White fillings can also be used as a cosmetic treatment to fill a chipped tooth or even replace a silver filling.

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All adult patients can opt to join Denplan Essentials from their very first visit. Those wanting more inclusive cover can choose Denplan Care instead. Following an assessment, your dentist will advise which group you will be able to join.

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